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Celebrate India Day 2019 with Aryan Herbals in Southall

Celebrate India Day 2019 from 11am – 4pm | Sunday 29th September 2019 At the Osterley Sports Grounds, Tentelow Lane,...

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Punjabi Movie ‘Surkhi Bindi’ Contest Promo with Zee Studios

Celebrate the Surkhi Bindi week with Aryan Herbals & Zee Studios. To Enter the lucky draw, go to our facebook...

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TV Today News Channel Sponsorship of Indian Election Results Coverage (MAY 2019)

As seen on TV (AAJ TAK, TV TODAY Network):

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Aaj Tak News Channel Sponsorship of Indian Election Results Coverage (MAY 2019)

As seen on TV (AAJ TAK, TV TODAY Network):

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Essential Oils

All our Essential Oils are extracted from various parts of the plants including their roots, bark, leaves etc. using the recommended Cold-Press method, to retain their natural aroma and flavour, or their 'essence'.

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Herbal Powders

Pure & natural powders of the highest quality—extracted and prepared by advanced processes to guarantee freshness and purity.

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Herbal Juices

Shop for herbal juices online , are pure in content and charge your body with energy. Visit our website for placing an order for Aloe Vera juice with various flavors , Amla , Triphala, Karela and many more.

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Here’s to a healthy life..

Having started with our flagship range of pure, natural and healthy juices under the brand ‘Aryan Herbals’, in just a few years, we have managed to develop a client base of 500+ retail outlets from London to West Midlands and further north. Encouraged by the market response to our initial product range, we have recently expanded our portfolio.

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Jojoba, Shikakai, Bhringraj, Aloe Vera – The Magical Herbs for Hair

Lots of chemical ingredients are used in hair care products in the market today. But do you know we can achieve lustrous, silky, smooth and healthy hair naturally? Yes, mother nature has blessed us with some amazing herbs that can do magic to our hair. Let’s explore some of the magical herbs for hair here.

Lesser-known Herbs: Its benefits in Ayurveda

Herbs have been an integral part of our daily lives be it our diet, health supplement or because of their medicinal properties. We all have heard about basil, mint, neem, in fact, the list goes endless. But there are some unsung heroes(herbs) who have their presence but are less heard of. Let's know more about them.

Amazing Benefits of the Himalayan rock- Shilajit

Have you ever heard of Shilajit? It is a lesser-known herb, also known as the ‘Destroyer of the weakness’ or ‘Conqueror of the Mountains’. There is something about it. Let's find out what is Shilajit and its benefits in Ayurveda.

Nature’s Gift- Wonder Plant Neem and its benefits

There is something amazing about Neem plant. Though bitter in taste this plant has over 130 biologically active compounds and properties that are beneficial for therapeutic and medicinal use. Let's look at the amazing benefits of neem, a versatile natural wonder plant.